Thursday, 20 February 2014

Something to think about..

This is a personal post close to my heart and I hope it may help others out there that are going through things that had happened to me, it's something that I would like to share with people as I know from a personal note that there is a lot of it happening out there and like me a lot of people bottle things up! 

The other day I was going through Pinterest something that I have been addicted to for months and found the picture above, and it started making me think, everything in this world has a reason in life some being positive and negative but they all have a reason and in what ever it may be there will always be a beauty some way or another. For people that may not think they are beautiful you are, and although you may not see it somebody else will, never put yourselves down every single person and thing in the world is unique everything is beautiful even if you might not see it there is always something out there that will see it in you! 

When I was at school I got bullied a lot, for the way that I looked, I didn't feel beautiful I just felt like a tiny little dot that was vunerable to anything that happened to me, I didn't know what was going on I assumed it was something that happened to everybody, until somebody brought it up and I got taken in to a room to confront the fears that I wanted to keep hidden. Nobody in this world should go through things like that, and if this is happening to you, never feel like you are alone there are a lot of people out there that will help you and will understand you, you just need to know who those people are, and they will be able to talk to you and help you out. Luckily in my school we had a councilor who I spoke to once a week for a couple of weeks just to talk things through, but at the time I was still scared to tell anybody even my parents, it's tough but you will fight through it. You are beautiful! And there is always away of getting out of something as awful as bullying, just have faith in yourselves and the help that you will need and you will get there. I am somebody that has managed to grow from what I used to be and I have made something out of myself unlike the people that actually did it to me. So you can always look back on hard times and think this is what I have achieved now and I am proud of what I have.

Just remember you are all beautiful and should have pride in who you are! One day your dreams will come true! Just think positive I know it is hard big you will get through it!! 

And if anybody out there would like to talk to me in private if they want me to listen or just talk about the above please don't hesitate to email me, and I will respond whether you would like advice or how I managed to get through it in my own way :)

Love you all
Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Foundation Primers

I thought I would share with you a couple of my favourite foundation primers that I have recently purchased or received from presents or through my Birchbox.

I never really used to think about having these until somebody recommended that I tried benefit porefessional, and from then I thought it was the best product that has been about unfortunately at the moment I don't have any more of the porefessional left, and thought as I am trying to save money this month that I would dig out the ones that I already have in my make up draw. So these are the ones that I am trying out at the moment and ones that I am really enjoying using. So to start off with we have:

BareMinerals Prime Time £21.00 (Full Bottle)
I received this product when I got a Get Started Complexion Kit £49.00, I got mine while I was on the plane when I went to Mexico so mine was a little bit cheaper, and also the wrong colour when I got home :(, but that's what you get when you don't pay attention and get excited although most of it is still use able it's just the foundation that isn't the right colour. Now then sorry about the blabbing on there but the Bare Minerals Prime Time is a nice primer, I like to use this when I do actually use my BareMinerals as it seems to make my skin flawless. It's a soft texture to the face and gives a nice coverage, but I don't find it makes my face look as flawless as what I would like it to.

Smashbox Photo Finish £25.00 (Full Bottle)
I received this product in a group of products that Smashbox was doing in little products to try out, and as I have never used Smashbox before I thought it would be a good buy, this primer has got to be one of my favourites and makes my face completely flawless, as you will see later on in this post there is another one of my favourites that I got for Christmas in the full size, but you cannot I think find a better foundation primer then a Smashbox one. This one has a clear texture to it, and it has a soft feel on your face as your apply it.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radience £29.00 (Full Bottle)
I used this product a lot when I came back off of my holiday back in October last year in my Birchbox, it was a lovely little treat to come home to and I find it to be a really nice texture and colour although it doesn't give me the coverage on my skin that I would like sometimes. But still I find this to be a very nice product and would love to purchase the full bottle, something to recommend if you would just like a little coverage on your skin. 

Smashbox Photo Finish (Colour Correcting Adjust) £25.00
This is a product that I have certainly become addicted to in the last couple of months I asked for it as a Christmas present as I was something that would cover up my red cheeks and red mark that is underneath my eye, and oh boy does this do the job, especially if I am having a bad day where I have been really tired and need the extra coverage as it looks like I have a black eye, with all the right products including this one on my list, it has got to be one of the best. And will probably keep re purchasing unless I can find something that would beat this.

I hope this post has helped you out if you are looking for some information on primers and the variates that are out there on the market.


Monday, 3 February 2014

Lifestyle| Spas I have been to

Since we are now in the month of February and the month of valentines I thought I would do a couple of posts all about romance.

I am a big lover of going to spas and so is my boyfriend. So on the odd occasion we decide that it is time to book either a spa day or spa break. Who can't resist being pampered all day, and not have to worry about the world (this sounds perfect to me). So this comes on to me wanting to share some of my experiences of spas that I have been to in the last couple of years with you guys. And I defiantly have one favourite that I couldn't recommend enough! This is going to be a variety of spas in England and also when I have been on holiday. So let's get started:

1. Bahia spa, Grand Bahia Príncipe Cayacoa, Dominican Republic samana
So the first spa that we went to was when we went on holiday to Dominican Republic, it was the last week that we was on holiday and we thought why not spoil ourselves a little bit and have a massage, so we went to the spa bit and had a look through there book and we found a romantic couples one, which included a nice jacuzzi, which had flowers and candles all around in and this was for 30 mins and then an hour full body massage and then we went to relax in there relaxation room. This was a really nice day and just a day to spend time together relaxing and enjoying our holiday, and taking away the stresses that we had in England. I thought I would name the spa and the hotel just so you know where it was. 

2. Aqua sana, Center Parcs, Elvenden
When we went for our 3 year anniversary, we spent it at center parcs, elvenden and for one of my presents I got a spa day in the Aqua Sana, and although we didn't have a massage, Center Parcs do have different rooms that you can go in to and relax so they have a sauna, salt room, relaxation room, herbal room all different types of rooms and you can go in to each one and relax and then they have beds that are outside with duvets and big squishy water beds that you can just relax in, we spent pretty much all day here and it was lovely defiantly a nice place to unwind and just look through the trees somewhere to recommend if you do go for a break here! 

3. Crown Plaza Five lakes, Essex
I went to the spa here with one or our friends we all went on a couple spa/golf break, and we got a deal on the spas here and getting treated to a nice bit of pampering while the boys where playing golf. This was really nice we had a full body massage and a facial I think and it was just nice to catch up and just relax throughout the day and then go out in the evening when we met the boys. And they also do some really good deal on there website and on 

4. The Athenaeum, London
So I decided to book a spa day in London as I felt like we needed pampering and it took me a while to decide if I wanted to book one or not and then a really good deal came up on living social and it came with a full body massage, dinner, champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries, I think I paid about £199 and it was really nice as this was the second place that we have been where you get to have a massage in the same room aswell. It was very nice but the spa seemed very small compared to there sister hotel which I will be talking about next. And it came at a very good time for us to both go as things where going on and there defiantly needed to be some time for the two of us and just relax from the stress that was going on!

5. The Grove, Watford
This has got to be the best, hotel tha go have ever gone to and the best spa that I have ever gone to, cannot praise this hotel enough! A lady that I work with knew that I was going to the Harry potter studios in Watford and recommended this hotel as somewhere to go and I thought why not make it in to a nice weekend, so I booked us a spa break as well, and it has to be the best massage I have ever had, the lady that I had felt that I had some horrible knots in my back so she spent so much time on my back that when I came out I felt like the world had been taken off my shoulders, and dan felt all refreshed as well. I also had a body wrap put on that was nice and green and the lady that did that was lovely as well even if I did look like an ogre! I can't praise the staff that work in this hotel as much as what I would like to, but this is somewhere that I would defiantly recommend. It's £225pp and this includes staying, breakfast, dinner and a massage and use of the swimming pool. Although this hotel can be a little on the pricey side it's so worth all the money!! 

I do want to say that I am sorry that the pictures aren't ones that I have taken, these are off there websites but I just wanted to give you an idea of each, and if you know any other good spas about please do let me know as I would love to try some new ones out?