Sunday, 9 March 2014

Let's take some time to relax and take it easy!!

At this moment in time I am sitting on my bed, and smelling BBQ's cooking as England is finally enjoying some sunshine!! Yes that's right the big yellow circle is in the sky finally! This was when I was thinking I feel bad because I really have disowned my blog recently I have been so busy with work, and just haven't had much time for myself or to even think about a blog post, which I am awfully sorry about. But guess what here is one for you to all enjoy now.

I thought I would do a blog post on how I relax of an evening when I get the time, just to be alone and relax and look cool with a face mask on. What I usually like to do is turn on my fairy lights above my bed and then put some candles on just to make my room look nice and relaxing, and cosy.

Once I have done all of that I usually then jump in to a nice warm bubbly bath with either a lush bath bomb or my ESPA relaxing oil, which is amazing stuff! And then just having a nice relaxing bath, sometimes I have the bath lit with candles or I just have the normal light on and read a book, once I get out I usually get in to some nice warm PJ's and then relax in bed with a face mask on and a really girly movie and maybe some popcorn depending on if we have any in the house.

I love to just have evenings like this I think we all deserve them, as it's important to look after yourself as well as everybody else, people should all make some me time even if it's just for half an hour I find it makes me feel all refreshed afterwards and your ready to fight the world again!! And here is a little angel that I have above my bed that I thought I would share with you all as well I hope you like it :)



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