Friday, 23 May 2014

Blue and White Dream

Hello Everybody..
So after a very long time waiting to get some time off to finally be able to decorate my room it's finally been done, and I love it to pieces! The feeling of having a room that feels refreshing is so lovely, compared to my grey and black and white room that I had before.

I have always loved rooms that are duck egg blue and white/cream, so I thought why not go for something like this. Some little bits do need doing I have got to say but for the most part it has all been finished now. So here are some of the photos of the decor:

Most of the decoration that you see in the above are from Homebase, I didn't realise how many amazing home decor products they have got, some where I will defiantly need to go when I finally have my own home. And also my curtains are from Dunelm Mill.



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