Sunday, 18 May 2014

Share the love Sunday #1

The other day I was just sitting in my room and was looking through different blogs, and it gave me some inspiration to start a new weekly post Share the Love Sunday, if any of you are like me, on a Sunday I like to have a day for me. This usually means staying in bed til a lot later then what I probably should and picking up my phone/laptop and searching the Internet for different things to read. My favourite though have to be different blogs, and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you every Sunday. 
So here goes..

This blog belongs to a lovely girl called Becky, she has a lifestyle blog and her pictures are phenomenal! She also has a gorgeous little puppy called Oscar who you all need to go over and check out and by the time you come off the blog you will have a smile on your face. Becky does a range of different posts from day to day, to clothing and make up. Her blog is amazing and she seems like a lovely girl and the sweet treats she makes, well you can't say no to wanting to make them afterwards! 

This blog belongs to a lovely girl called Lizzie, she was actually one of the first blogs that I ever found and also when we got talking on twitter one day was the one that made me want to start my own blog up so thank you for that. Lizzie has a blog about all sorts of different things, all lifestyle and beauty related! She also has a stationary collection that I would die for and a lovely little spaniel called Ben. She has beautiful pictures and lives in a little town that has made me want to move there forever! 

This blog belongs to a lovely girl called Kayleigh, she has a blog which is mostly beauty related, but has amazing full detailed reviews on all the products that she has. Her pictures are also amazing, and every post she has up, always has lots to read, and I find this to be very interesting, as you get a full insight on a product for it's positives and negatives! I always find something I look forward to reading!

Made up of little things
This lovely little blog belongs to the lovely Rachael, she has a blog which is all mainly lifestyle and a little bit of beauty hidden in there. I love Rachael's blog, as it is so different to most of the blogs that I like to read, and full of photos of the beautiful countryside that she lives in, and always of her two gorgeous dogs and now her little baby. I like to usually read this blog when I am on my lunchtime in work and it reminds me of the peacefulness of the countryside and not the hussle and bussle of London!

Made Up of Little Things

I hope you all like this little post, and it gives you some ideas of what I like to read, please do leave links to your blogs in the comments below, and I will be sure to check them out and maybe you will be in these posts too :).



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