Sunday, 25 May 2014

Share the love Sunday #2

Today is the second day for Share the love Sunday, I hope you are liking this series and I hope to continue doing them in the future. I like to do a mixture of different blogs if I can, and most of them are ones that I read on a day to day basis or when I know that people upload new things.

Vivianna Does Makeup
This blog belongs to an amazing lady called Anna I have been reading her blog for a very long time now, and she always have new interesting things to put up. Either make-up, Lifestyle or just ways to help you along the way on a new blog. She also uploads different things on her YouTube channel, and as Youtube is something that I really like, I do like to pop over and check out what she has uploaded.

Birds Words
This blog belongs to a beautiful lady called Beth. Birds Words is a new blog that I have been reading over the last couple of weeks, and I have been really enjoying it. Beth's blog is mostly about beauty, but she does have some lifestyle posts in there as well. She has beautiful pictures, and all the reviews she does on beauty boxes are in full depth so it doesn't seem like you would be disappointed with any products she likes!

A Little Obsessed
This blog belong to a lovely lady called Sabrina. I have been reading A little Obsessed for just over a year now, and I just love everything that Sabrina uploads. She has a mixture of different things on her blog, but mostly beauty and lifestyle. But I have got to admit she has the most wonderful wishlist's I have ever seen and usually some of the things she has likes to sneak there way on to my I need to buy list.

My Pale Skin
This blog belongs to a lady called Em. I have only been reading My Pale Skin since last sunday, when she put a link on my my Twitter and since then I have been loving it! Em posts more make up style posts with the occasional lifestlye post tucked in.I am really enjoying reading this blog.

Tattooed Tealady
This blog belongs to the lovely Sophia. I have been following Tattooed Tealady for a very long time even before I started this blog up. Sophia posts on a daily basis mostly beauty related but with the odd other posts popped in depending on where they are relevant. I have always enjoyed reading Tattooed Tealady, just for the amount of detail and time that Sophia puts in to her blog. And she usually always posts products that I will want to go back to.

So this is a weekly review on blogs that I have been loving. I just want to let you all know that the above blogs do not ask me to be on my blog, I just like to share with everybody blogs that I have been liking. And also just sharing the love around the blogging community. If you would like me to read your blogs, please do leave links down in the comments below. I am always looking for new ones to read.



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