Monday, 27 January 2014

Currently| Reading & Watching

Before I start writing all of this I would just like to say that I am ever so sorry for the lighting, but this was done as soon I got in from work. I hope you don't mind.

I never used to really like reading at all I used to always find it a struggle to get in to books and find ones that I like, but since I have been working up in London and having to travel on the train everyday I began to get fed up of watching other people and then doing the awkward stare that people do and not knowing where to look, but then I decided one day I would pick out a book that would interest me and see if I could get in to reading again! And boy did I begin to enjoy it, in the last year or so I have probably read over 50 books and have enjoyed nearly every single one of them. 

But last year I found an interest in John green when I first read his book The fault in our stars. This book has a lot of meaning to me in different ways and helped me to overcome what had happened earlier on in the year. I don't want to give to much away but sadly I lost my nan last year to lung cancer and I loved her so very dearly and was struggling to come to terms that I has lost her. And in this book it is pretty much about cancer suffers and how they lived there life's and also about love! It's defiantly a must read but be warned if you get a little bit emotional like I do, this book isn't the best to read in public, yes I had a few tears run down my face while reading on the train! Well done me. And then last Christmas (2013) my lovely boyfriend got the the John Green book set for Christmas that I haven't stopped reading since I started travelling to London again, I'm on the 3rd book of 5 which is currently in my bag and not in the pictures I do apologise. But when I do a what's in my bag post I shall put it on there for you! I love how John Green writes all his books and every story has something unique about it. 

Would you like reviews on any of the books that I have read? Let me know down in the comments box :)

Since last November I have been really getting in to box sets! For our anniversary Dan got me the breaking bad box set and while we was up in the Lake District we didn't stop watching them, until season two, but at the moment I am slowly getting through them at the moment I am on the first desk, but hopefully I will finish them in February or March. I have also been watching new girl, I find this programme to be on rod the easiest and funniest thing to watch, and I love to just have a lazy evening watching New Girl and seeing what all the gang are up to. So I am slowly getting through them. Once I've watched them all I shall update you on what the next box set is to watch! While I'm on the television subject I have become addicted to The Hunger Games! 



  1. Oooooh I love New Girl! I've been watching Season 3 online because i just can't wait for it to air in the UK. I don't think it's as good as seasons 1&2 but I love it all the same. I'm hoping to read some John Green books soon but uni work calls and all I have time to read are academic books booo!

    This is such a good idea for a post :)

    1. New Girl has got to be one of the best shows out there!! I can't wait for season 3 to come out i'm so excited :) and aww I see, still be good though hopefully. And John Green is a pretty mazing writer I have been really enjoying his books, keep getting caught up in them. And oh no hopefully once all your uni work is out the way you can start reading them, would defiantly recommend it to anyone!!

      Thank you hun I hope you enjoyed it :)