Thursday, 30 January 2014

Throw back Thursday| New York City

So today I was sitting on my bed watching the horrible rainy weather and thinking about something I could write as a throw back Thursday and earlier on I was looking back through holiday pictures and dreaming of going back to New York, so I thought I would share some of my pictures with you. 

I loved this holiday so much I had been waiting for it all year as we booked it pretty early so we had more chance of saving our money up to spend out there! We only went for 5 days which I think is just enough time to have a look around the city and get the feel of everything, for us we did all the main tourist attraction (Empire State Building, rockafellas centre, Statue of Liberty, 9/11 memorial) but we left some of the little bits out so when we go back next time we can go to these so the helicopter ride around the islands and a show in broadway that sort of thing. I have got to admit though if anybody gave me the option of what I would pick between London or New York I would defiantly not think twice and pick New York. It's one of those cities that although it's busy it's calm and people will smile at you, whereas London I find people are always rushing and never even look at people to give them a smile and if you do like me they just think your odd! 

We didn't really shop that much in New York as most of the things out there are really similar priced as the UK, but they do have different shops out there but at the time I was to wowed by the whole I'm in New York thing that I didn't really go in to the true American shops :( which now I think about it, I wish I had of but hey we can save that for next time. What I did splurge out on a lot out there though was Tiffany I was obsessed with that shop and probably spent the most money in there. Other then that we went up the Empire State Building and rockafellas and the height of them is crazy, the amount of times I was so scared that I was going to loose my camera, but luckily it was still with me by the time we got home :). We was really lucky as well because the weather for November was very shocking, we thought it would be freezing cold and snowy but instead it was sunny and pretty warm, so that was nice and when we went on the boat to Statue of Liberty it was a nice smooth but windy ride but the sun was shining and it was really nice!! I would defiantly recommend going to New York if you can it's amazing, and now I wish one day I could just live and work out there for a year just to experience the New York life :)

So that's my little story on my holiday to New York! Most of my throw back Thursdays are going to be about holidays for the next couple of weeks but after that I will do a lot more old pictures!! I hope you like these. 



  1. ooh i would love to go to New York at some point!ive never been to London so will definitely go to york looks so cool though!awesome that u got lots of Tiffanys stuff-very exciting!!:)xx

  2. I thought New York was amazing! Would happily go back whenever I can, would even be willing to work out there it has a completely different vibe to it then what London has, I find people are a lot more friendly! And I'm not as keen on London as New York theres something different, even though I work in London I wouldn't say that I am a City girl like most of my friends are, I prefer the countryside and prefer to be more of a tourist in London and enjoy the sites it has to offer!! I was addicted to Tiffanys out there even the security guard got to know me which was even more embarrassing haha!! xx