Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Simple spotless skin rapid action spot zapper

What it says on the packaging:
Smile, it's simple get results in just 4 hours with out spotless skin rapid action spot zapper. It's a perfect blend of spot fighting ingredients and natural antibacterial goodness to visibly reduce spot redness and size without irritation to the skin. It's tough on spots but gentle in your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin 

I have had this product for quite a while now and find that it works pretty well on my skin, especially if I have just done my cleanse, exfoliate and then had a bath and pop it one the spots afterwards . I find that it works at its best during the night so once I have relaxed at home and gone to sleep when I wake up in the morning I notice a difference. But on the packaging it does say that you get results in 4 hours I haven't found this 100% true. A couple of weeks after I brought this product I was going out one evening and had a spot that was really irritating me so I thought if I put the product on and not wear any make up for the day I would notice a difference, well this didn't really happen and by the time I was ready to go out done my make up the spot was still there gleaming at me. So I wouldn't recommend this to you if you was looking for fast action, but if you don't mind waiting over night then that's when I noticed it more. 

I picked this spot zapper out of any of the others just for the pure fact that 1) it is all natural ingredients and 2) it is perfect for sensitive skin. As you all know from when I was talking about my skin care routine I suffer pretty badly with sensitive skin. And nearly every other spot zapper I have had starts my face off and I end up with bright red patches which doesn't look to nice when you have spots as well and there is only so much concealer that can hide your blemishes. This product is really easy to carrying around in your handbag though it's in a small tube with a rollerball at the end, so you can just pop it on your bag and then zap away whenever you need to. 

I would defiantly recommend this product to anybody that has sensitive skin and needs the more natural products instead of the ones that are filled with chemicals!

If anybody else has any other spot zapper products that they find work well for them and would be gentle on sensitive skin, please do let me know and I shall try them out!



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