Friday, 17 January 2014

Things to achieve in 2014

I have written this post as sort of a resolutions post it has taken me this long to actually think of what I want to do this year and as this is the first post of the year, I thought I would make it something to look back on. I have decided to name this things to achieves instead of resolutions because I always break resolutions where as if I name it things to achieve I have something to come back to at the end of the year and say yes I have achieved something! This is the year that I will sort my life out and get everything sorted in to the way that I want, I want to find the new me, and find some new hobbies to achieve. One of these will be to start this blog and put more of an effort in to it.

Thinking positively
This year my main goal is to try and think positively about my life! In 2013 I would always think about all the negative things that had happened and not about the good things that happened in my life, although last year was a tough year for me, I'm determined this year I'm going to make the most out of everything that I have in my life and not let everything get the better of me. Like the saying goes "there is always light at the end of the tunnel". No more of me being moody and upset about all the silly things and keeping it all bottled up like I have done in the past. If I don't like something then I'll either change it or say something! 

Getting a new job
As much as I like the job I'm in at the moment, I've been there nearly 3 years, I feel like it is time for a change I need something more challenging for myself, something where you get a new challenge every now and again that might pop up, and somewhere that I can always learn new things, or see the achievements that I am making. So now it's got to that time where I would like to find something that I enjoy and where I can grow! 

This year is going to be the saving year. So I can save up for a house and in the next couple of years will be able to leave home and look for new adventures of my own! This means that I won't be able to travel the world as much as I want to at the moment, but I need to get my foot in the door, and get a nice house of my own. And in the future plan to go to more of my dream destinations.

Getting healthy
This is something that everybody says every year when it gets to January. I will start loosing weight! I'm one of the culprits for this and it never works, but this year as I'm thinking positively I'm going to try and loose the weight I need to loose in my own time not pressuring myself in to loosing it there and then and then not seeing the difference. I have decided that I am going to wait until 1st February to be a little but harder on myself as I don't want to start going to the gym now and being hit by all the January faze when everybody in the world decides it's time to go and loose there Christmas weight! So I look forward to doing this as well. Also trying to go on more walks throughout the year, and see what is about. Although the weather isn't the greatest here in England at the moment, when the weather starts picking up a little bit, I think i'm going to jump in to the car and find nice walks along the beach, in the country. We shall see where this goes :)

Fingers crossed I manage to keep to all of there achievements and by the end of this year look at this post and say yes I've done this and managed to keep my word to it. And be a lot closer to my dream home! What are all you achievements/resolutions for this year?



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