Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Victoria Secrets Collection

We have finally got a Victoria Secret's shops in a shop near me Bluewater yay!! Literally couldn't explain to you how excited I was when this opened at the beginning of spring. Since I went to New York a couple of years ago I have become obsessed with the shop and the body spray and shower gels, they are the best smelling and are super strong, so when I went in to the shop and they had a really good sale on I couldn't resist I thought I was going in to buy a couple and I think I ended up walking out of the shop with 7 products.

I find that all of the products that Victoria Secret have out are just amazing they are really strong smelling and it can last all day, something that I love in a perfume/shower gel. They give you the smell of being fresh but not to over powering!

Unfortunately I found out that they have discontinued one of my favourite smells of all time which is the True Escape range, this smelt amazing, and also extremely fresh luckily I still have a tiny bit left that I am trying to savour. And the lady that was in the shop was super helpful and said the closest one to it would be the Aqua Kiss so I had to buy multiple of this product!!

If you are lucky enough quite often Victoria Secrets has a lot of different offers going on, each time I have gone in they always do them, so I always try to batch them up and keep them going for as long as possible as they can be pretty pricey, but I really enjoy them. If you are also looking for comfy jogging bottoms I would highly recommend getting Victoria secrets ones I have a nice collection coming together I think I paid £35-£40 for mine but I wouldn't go a day without them they are so soft and comfortable. 


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